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The Mill is host to a variety of wildlife; fish, swans, kingfishers and other birds can regularly be observed in and around the leats. 

Bethany Sewell, a photography student at Falmouth University, has used the Brass Mill as the topic for a coursework project.   The project involved making a photographic record of the wildlife in and around the mill and producing a magazine article which discusses the relationship between conservation of the mill and the conservation of wildlife.  Click on the link to read her article.

Recent visitors that have attracted our interest are otters.  Spraint (otter dung) had been noticed on the working platforms around two of the sluices in the mill and the presence of otters was confirmed by our neighbours in the Mill Island Moorings marina.  A motion sensitive camera was set up above the waterwheel sluice, a known haunt of the otters, in an attempt to capture an image of our nocturnal visitors.

Pictures of otters were captured in May 2018 and again in August.  The otters can be seen coming up over the sluice gate and dropping down over the waterwheel.  Click on the link to see a video of otters at the mill.
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Video: Otters at Saltford Brass Mill - 2018
Marina Magic - Bethany Sewell