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Mill Building
The site of Saltford mill has been in use since the time of the Domesday record when two watermills were listed in Saltford. At that time they would have been corn mills housed in simple wooden structures of which nothing is known. In later centuries fulling, the thickening process of hand-woven woollen cloth was carried out in buildings which would have been far more substantial.

Fulling ceased in the late 1600s with the bankruptcy of the owner, but the present building may well contain fragments of that earlier structure. The brass company is known to be in occupation from 1721 and from then many additions and alterations must have taken place.

Little is known of these apart from the extent of the building which in an early 1900s photograph stretched as far as the present roadside in which then included a battery mill with three hammers which were working until 1908. An additional roadside annealing furnace was probably demolished at that time.

The timber beams and pantiled roof are thought to survive from the early brassmaking period, having been subjected in recent years to extensive repairs carried out by English Heritage.
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Mill Building
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